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This BMX protective gear will keep you safe while riding the track.

Before you go and wrap your kid in bubble wrap, we’ve compiled a list of BMX protective gear that will keep you safe and protect you from falls and crashes.  One of the most common comments we hear from non-BMX riders is that it’s a dangerous sport.  Truth is, it’s probably less dangerous that most mainstream sports, such as football, baseball and soccer.

Safety is the top priority in BMX racing.  The basic safety gear requirements are an approved helmet, long sleeve shirt and long pants.  However, many riders (and parents) opt for additional gear to keep themselves safe and free from major injury.

BMX Protective Gear

BMX Safety Gear

This list has everything from BMX helmets, elbow and knee pads, gloves and neck guards – all of the BMX safety gear you need to stay safe.  One of the keys to effective BMX protective gear is to make sure that it fits properly and isn’t too big.  Helmet and pads that are too big for the rider can have too much movement and may cause injury to the rider.

This list of BMX riding gear gives you several options – good, better and best – based on your needs and budget.

Essential BMX Riding Gear


BMX helmets kids

A proper fitting helmet is probably one of the most important pieces of BMX protective gear you can purchase. BMX tracks often recommend a full-face helmet to not only protect your head, but also your mouth and teeth.  Helmets should pass CPSC standards.

If you are going to splurge on a single piece of equipment, this is where you would want to spend a little more to make sure the rider’s head is properly protected.

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Elbow Pads

BMX Protective Gear Elbow Pads

Elbow and forearm protection is not required for BMX racing.  Regulations only require that you wear a long sleeve shirt while racing if you don’t have alternative protection.  However your elbows are one of the most exposed areas in BMX racing.  A simple crash can have a great impact on your elbows and forearms.  Proper safety gear can help keep them protected.

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Knee/Shin Pads


BMX Safety Gear Knee Pads Like elbow protection, knee and shin protection is not required for BMX racing. Regulations require that riders wear long pants while racing if they don’t have other knee/shin pads.  We’ve have personally experienced times where knee and shin protection has not only prevented injury but it also keeps dirt (and rocks) from injuries.

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More BMX Gear You May Want to Have

Neck Guard

BMX Riding gear neck guard

Neck guards aren’t required for BMX racing however, they are a great addition to your BMX safety gear bag.  While helmets protect your head and face, neck guards limit the motion of your head and helmet in a fall or wreck.  It fills the empty space between your shoulders and your helmet.  This piece of equipment is a personal preference.  My husband doesn’t wear one, however, I make sure that my son does.

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BMX gloves

A good pair of BMX gloves is an inexpensive add-on safety item that will help protect your hands.  BMX gloves are designed with built in grips and extra padding, not only for comfort but protect your skin in a fall or wreck.  They also help keep your hands clean.

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BMX Gear Goggles

Goggles are an optional safety item.  When it comes to BMX racing, goggles not only keep the sun and dust out of your eyes, but they also protect your eyes from being struck with objects during falls or crashes.

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Gear Bag

BMX Gear Bag

How many times have you been searching for sports equipment at the last minute?  One way to keep your BMX protective gear organized is to keep it in a dedicated gear bag.  While these bags will all corral your BMX safety equipment, each has different features.

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BMX Pants

BMX Gear Pants

Once you find that you’re going to stick with BMX racing you might want to invest in a pair of BMX racing pants.  Not only are they designed to be light and allow air flow, but they also provide added padding in the knee, hip and shin areas.  Plus, they just look rad!

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BMX Jersey

Bmx gear Jersey

Just like race pants, once you start getting into the sport, you may want to invest in a BMX jersey.  They are designed to allow plenty of airflow and roomy to allow for movement.  And, just like race pants they just look cool!

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More BMX safety items you might need

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